Proudly a local youth-led development agency in Tanzania dedicated in saving children, youth and women aged 0-35 years
Proudly a local youth-led development agency in Tanzania dedicated in saving children, youth and women aged 0-35 years
Welcome to YAWE
Youth and Women Emancipation


Youth and women Emancipation (YAWE) is the youth-led agency established on the

ground of understanding the central role of youth and women in society especially on bringing stability,

process and long-term development of nations. Also, youth and women as well their children

are the ones commonly facing the problems that include among others being discriminated,

poverty, food insecurity, gender inequality, ill-health, illiteracy, incapacitation, ignorance and poor health

that endanger their domination in the development and humanitarian efforts.

Climate Change & Resilience

Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of the extreme weather and climate events that are affecting all communities. However, because of their geographical location, reliance on climate-sensitive natural resources and development gaps in general, poorest communities in particular are at the greatest risk of climate hazards. Left unattended, climate hazards are likely to increase poverty, worsen inequalities, exacerbate food insecurity and cause health problems, among other hardships, which may reverse years of development progress in country.

Climate hazards also have differential impacts on people and communities. These impacts are largely determined by deep-rooted socioeconomic inequalities. As a result, they tend to be particularly detrimental to the most disadvantaged groups of society, which are hence disproportionately exposed and vulnerable to climate hazards.


Our Climate change and resilience program provides a unique opportunity to build climate change adaption and mitigation for sustainable development by addressing the structural inequalities that perpetuate poverty, marginalization and social exclusion and thus increase vulnerability to climate hazards. We work to strengthen social protection and adaptation strategies for a broader development framework which incrementally leads the way to the empowerment of disadvantaged groups, by improving their asset positions and access to input and product markets; by extending their access to quality basic services; and by changing the norms that foster their social and political exclusion.



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