Our History

Youth and women Emancipation (YAWE) is the youth-led agency established on the ground of understanding the central role of youth and women in society especially on bringing stability, process and long-term development of nations. Also, youth and women as well their children are the ones commonly facing the problems that include among others being discriminated, poverty, food insecurity, gender inequality, ill-health, illiteracy, incapacitation, ignorance and poor health that endanger their domination in the development and humanitarian efforts.

In addition, limited attention is given to the presence of youth and women’s contributions towards sustainable development. We also understood the Government and other stakeholder have done a lot in terms of protection, empowerment, advocacy, coordination and resource mobilization for sustainable development at various level, inclusive sustainable development is yet to be realized.

In this context, youth and women are better placed to contribute to intervention logic designs and result-based program implementation towards inclusive sustainable growth and development; therefore, YAWE members decide to form this organization so as to promote community's development for current and future generation.