Our Approaches


Digital Story-telling

We use innovative multimedia tools such as digital storytelling as an effective way for social and behavior change communication (SBCC) delivery to our target groups especially adolescents to fuse personal narratives with important health messaging, thus creating an effective method of communication. We create ideas tailored with messages that unleash the power of change.



We impart knowledge and skills to our target audience by engaging them through debate competitions while our facilitators/staff/volunteers guide, correct and reach final conclusions on topics debated with the audience.


Sports & Games

Sports and games are important tools for mobilizing young people and We use it to ensure that youth are engaged effectively from planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring while delivering our project interventions.


Social & Mass Media

The emergency of the internet has created an opportunity for youth and women, in Tanzania more than 23 million people use the internet while social and mass media are commonly used as a way of communication. We utilize social and mass media as an important tool to reach online youth audiences with tailored messages on behavior change and share good practices.


Songs & Dances

We engage traditional artists who compose songs and make dances with strong messages designed to reach our target audience. The messages delivered through songs are always made in traditional language so as to bring the local communities closer to their culture and traditions. It has been so easy for our organization to change the community attitudes positively.