Gender Equality & Child Protection

Gender Equality & Child Protection

In Tanzania 39% of women age 15-49 experience physical violence since age 15 and almost 4 in 10 women experienced physical violence, and 1 in 5 women report experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime. Nearly 3 in 10 girls and approximately 1 in 7 boys having experienced sexual violence prior to the age of 18. Almost three-quarters of both boys and girls have experienced physical violence prior to the age of 18. Most women and children do not report their experience, few seek services and even fewer actually receive any care, treatment or support if they do report.


Our work is to raise awareness of the crisis especially by giving voice to women and children; work closely with government to build local capacity; build coalitions to support local community movements; pilot and scale-up high-impact interventions; and lastly to document and share evidence of what works and what doesn’t.


YAWE's approach to Gender Equality and child protection is rooted in three core beliefs: 1) Women, Girls and boys are entitled to grow up and live in an environment that is free from violence, that upholds their rights and supports achievement of their full potential; 2) Women, Girls and boys have the right to be active participants in their own protection and development. 3) Families, communities, and governments play a fundamental role in caring for, supporting, and protecting women and children.


06 February 2023


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