Field Research

We employ an entire team of researchers to continuously evaluate YAWE performance against evidence-based objectives and verifiable indicators. Such strict measurement of YAWE performance is what sets the organization apart from others in the field and feeds into the design of innovative, targeted and cost-effective interventions.

Evidence-Based Approach

We are evidence and data-driven organization. We look for the best available evidence and approach. Where evidence is weak, we seek to highlight what more needs to be generated through our programs. Our focus on the use of evidence and data to drive decision making involves the development of robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks as part of any program.


Understanding the ‘social return on our programs for each of our program is critical to ensure that we continue to achieve maximum impact for vulnerable youth, women and children. We normally look at the cost-effectiveness of each program development to make sure that we are deploying all resources (ours and partners) in the most effective way.

Scale and Sustainability

We believe that to achieve truly transformational impact for vulnerable youth, women and children, we need to deliver long-term solutions at scale. All programs try to outline the scale and potential impact, as well as making clear any considerations for sustainability in term of financial, behavioral and political from the outset. 

Measurement and Evaluation

In order to ensure programs are on track to deliver maximum potential impact, our programs will include robust monitoring systems including key performance indicators to generate data that can be used for decision-making. We will often commission independent third-party evaluations to measure the outcomes and impact of our programs, operational feasibility and cost-effectiveness among other things.