Our Core Values

The core values provide the guiding principles upon which YAWE operates; they constitute the basic ethical and moral issues that lead YAWE to achieve its vision and mission.



We are committed to professionalism, good institutional governance, respect for others' views, effective teamwork, and learning for all. We seek to maintain acceptable behavior in the delivery of services to all stakeholders.



We are accountable to all stakeholders with transparent financial and administrative management, ethical fundraising practice, and non-tolerance of corruption. We run an open and clean organization with respect to our core organizational ethos.



We ensure that fairness and equality be incorporated into issues related to gender, tribalism, and religions and that no one is discriminated against on the basis of gender, ethnicity, physical disability, or religious orientations.



We network and collaborate with other organizations that are committed to working with vulnerable groups and share in its vision and core values in areas of funding, program implementation, training, monitoring, and evaluation of programmes.



We take responsibility for our decisions, actions, and resources entrusted to us, and account for the use and results of these to the stakeholders for and with whom we work.